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Festival Hair and Make-Up

It has been an incredibly busy season for weddings this year, but as well as wedding season being in full swing there is also a lot of festival fever around!

Music, comedy & beer festivals are taking place up and down the country such as Reading and Leeds, The Notting Hill Carnival, V Fest and Rewind and as there are so many going on with full of beautiful things to see & do it’s time to get crazy beautiful with your hair and make-up.

Make Up

One of my favourite products for events like these are Phyllis Cohen’s Face Lace.

These intricate amazing designs are instant makeup for the face that come in all different colours and styles making it perfect for festivals and parties as you can just stick on and go, simple, quick and easy.

My other favourite is Gold Leaf, however this does take some time and needs a very steady hand to apply. I prefer to use nail art gold leaf, it’s extremely thin and fragile but fuses beautifully with the skin, as opposed to the thicker commercial gold leaf available at Arts & Crafts stores.


My skin favourite i have in my kit is Dior Skin Nude BB Cream. Its a light BB cream you can pop on in your tent where you don’t need to worry about the foundation brush, also voted No.1 by Vogue darling!


One of a girl’s main issues when camping is hair. You can go from flat and greasy to volumised and textured with Matrix Style Link Height Riser. Height Riser is a hair volumising powder and is your link to instant volume and separation with shine. It adds grip and targets roots without dulling your hair.

To disguise the ‘haven’t washed in days’ look – plaits are the way to go! From fishtail to French the possibilities are endless and they won’t show the greasy roots or dry ends!



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