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Say goodbye to bad hair days with our top hair care tips for healthy hair

It is every womans dream to have healthy, beautiful hair. Regardless of the colour or texture of their hair, it is our wish to have hair that looks like we've just stepped out of a professional hair salon.

Beauty experts vouch by the results of deep conditioning. So what should you actually do to grow beautiful tresses? What is a good hair care routine? How do you keep your hair healthy? We have listed below some of the top hair care tips for women.

6 Best Hair Care Tips For Women

  1. Change the way you wash your hair:

How often should I wash my hair? Over-washing can end up damaging your hair rather than cleaning it. Washing your hair daily, will strip away the natural oils and proteins which are required for maintaining healthy hair. Therefore it is advisable not to wash your hair daily, limit to washing 2 or 3 times a week.

Choice of hair care products for washing the hair depends on the type and quality of your hair. For washing thick, coarse, curly hair it is advisable to go for a shampoo which is hydrating and sulphate free. You can have longer gaps between washing thick coarse hair, as too much washing can make the already coarse hair drier and hard.

For fine, straight hair go for gentle hair care products as you will require wash more frequently. Women with super straight hair may have to wash their hair every 2 days as they tend to get oilier fast.

Coloured hair requires special shampoos to protect the colours from fast fading. The more you wash coloured hair, the faster they will lose the colour. Avoid sulphate or silicone based shampoos.

If your hair tends to get greasy very often, try using dry shampoos in between. They help soaking the extra oil and wash the hair clean. But dry shampoos should not be used frequently, as they tend to cause build up on the scalp, clogging the hair follicles, restricting fresh hair growth so make sure you shampoo twice when washing your hair, first to remove the build up of product then a second time to cleanse it.

  1. Condition your hair regularly and correctly:

A good conditioner is very important for protecting the hair from harsh environmental conditions and from damage caused by heat styling. The conditioner helps in keeping the hair soft and manageable.

Remember the conditioner should only be applied on the mid lengths and ends of the hair as this is older hair so needs extra care; it should not be applied on the roots or the scalp. It’s important to thoroughly rinse of the conditioner after use.

To ensure the conditioner is well absorbed by the hair, it is recommended to towel dry washed hair before applying the conditioner. If the hair is too wet, then the conditioner will be diluted down and won’t be able to penetrate the hair and moisturise as required.

You can use a plastic cap to cover the conditioned hair and use a hair dryer on the outside to apply required heat. This helps the hair to completely soak the conditioner, making it soft and extremely manageable.

  1. Naturally Drying the Hair:

Blow drying helps in setting the hair and forcing it into a shape, but excessive application of heat can have an adverse effect on the hair as well as the scalp.

Limit the use of blow dryers and hair straighteners or curlers to important events and occasions only. Letting your hair dry out naturally after a wash is the best way to keep the hair healthy and undamaged. Towel dry the hair if too wet. Rubbing hair harshly with a towel can also end up damaging the cuticles of the hair so make sure you pat the hair with your towel to remove any excess water.

Use microfiber towels like we do in salon to dry wet hair, avoid using a terrycloth towel as they can tangle the hair and increase the frizziness of the hair, causing it to break easily.

  1. Protection from Sun and Pollution:

Hair can be damaged severely if exposed for long in the sun. The innumerable pollutants in the air can also affect the quality of your hair. Therefore it is very important that while going out, you protect your hair from sun and pollution.

You can wear a hat or scarf to cover your hair while stepping out, especially in the summer. Avoid stepping out immediately after oiling or washing the hair, as dust or dirt can get stuck to it.

Buy a hair sunscreen and apply it regularly to protect your hair from the UV rays of the sun. Also remember to tie up the hair (but not tight) when swimming.

  1. Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair

You can invest in a number of hair care products but a healthy diet will help also.. There are a few foods which when included in your diet, can do wonders for your hair.

Try including them in your meals and you will see a positive change in the quality of your hair. Eggs are a major source of nutrition for hair. Citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C like lemons, limes, oranges etc can help improve the production of Collagen which is important for strengthening of the hair.

Dry fruits are high in omega-3 fatty acids which help in nourishment and thickening of the hair Lack of iron as a nutrient can lead to hair loss, green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of iron, include them in your diet. Include vegetables like carrots, avocados which are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Above mentioned are some hair care tips which will help you achieve healthy hair. If proper care is not taken, your hair may stop growing after a certain point. You may start experiencing severe hair loss, frizziness and dandruff. Washing your hair properly, using chemical free hair care products, avoiding overexposure to heat and eating a healthy diet, all of this can help in improving the quality of your hair and make it look healthier. If you need a haircut, Clare pearson is one of the best hairstylists in Argyll. Check our service page for more info.

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